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Latest safety technology not yet required in Buses

Lap-shoulder Belt Safety Seating for Buses is Available NOW at a Reasonable Cost. Yet national regulation does not require motorcoach to implement these safety features, leaving the occupant unprotected in an accident. Few states have made the decision to require lap-shoulder seat belts, resulting in inadequate protection for your child. The technology has been available for years, the following describes the optimum protection your child could have in the vehicles they ride.


School Buses:  Cost effective lap-shoulder seat belts have been available for school buses since 2005.  The best models are designed to give maximaum benefit to the children who wear them, but do not reduce whatever "compartmentalization" may give the student who ;may no.  In 2007, IMMI/SafeGuard Seat introduced the Flex Seat technology which eliminates any claimed reduction in the three-to-a-seat "manufacturer capacity" of large school buses.  While operating at manufacturer capacity was never safe, Flesx Seat eliminates the argument altogether.  You can now safely transport 72 elementary school students in lap-shoulder seat belts in large students offering what NHTSA describes as {optimum protection" for the children.

Flexseat for School Buses

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Flexseat Announcement IMMI SafeGaurd (tm) Seats C.E. White

Motorcoaches:  Lap-shoulder seat belts have been available for motorcoaches since the 1990's.  They have been required on all new motorcoaches operated in the European Union and Australia since that time.  In 2008, IMMI and American Seating introduced new products.

3-point belt seat for motorcoach

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American Seating and Safeguard announce new, belted motorcoach seat

American Seating Premier Line

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