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West Brook Bus Crash Families

We are a grassroot advocacy organization initially comprised of parents and family members of the 2006 West Brook High School girls' varsity soccer team, Beaumont, Texas. On March 29, 2006, the motor coach bus transporting the team to a playoff game in Houston overturned, killing two of their daughters, Ashley Brown and Alicia Bonura, and maiming and injuring many others. In the aftermath of the accident, the parents formed West Brook Bus Crash Family (WBBCF) to advocate safer bus travel for school children, including the addition of lap/shoulder seat belts in buses. On June 27, 2006, BISD became the first school district in Texas to require lap/shoulder seat belts on all new school buses purchased. Use of chartered motor coaches to transport BISD children was eliminated. With the help of area lawmakers, the group took what they learned in Beaumont to the 80th Texas Legislature. On June 8, 2007, Governor Rick Perry signed “Ashley and Alicia's Bill” into law at a ceremony in the library at West Brook High School. The law mandates lap-shoulder seat belts in all new school buses in 2010, and all motorcoaches transporting school children in 2011.

West Brook Bus Crash Families

Since our accident, however, the West Brook Bus Crash Families witnessed the tragedy of what seems like a never ending stream of new bus crashes. Each new crash cut us to our heart. We know firsthand the pain and sorrow that the families of these new bus crashes face. We also know that, just like we experienced, families and victims search for answers - search for a way to understand. We decided to reach out.

National Association of Bus Crash Families

In 2008, we formed The National Association of Bus Crash Families to provide an avenue for crash victims, families, parents, safety advocates and concerned citizens across the country to join together for safer buses. Non-profit status is pending. In addition, members of our group offer ministry, support and grief counseling to families during their darkest of times. In the short time since the formation of NABCF, we have had the privilege to work with families from Texas, Colorado, Nebraska, Minnesota, Ohio and Arizona.    See Partner Links    Today WBBCF and NABCF work with victim families, advocates, school districts and bus industry groups across the country and at the State legislative, Federal agency and Congressional levels.

We long for the day when our children and our loved ones will be properly and adequately protected and safe every time they get on a bus. Until that time we will keep reaching out and working for change.

If you have a need, or want to be involved, please contact us.

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